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These sessions are specially designed to tackle specific issues that require different handling to the usual sessions we provide. We offer specialist sessions for fears & phobias, smoking cessation, hypnobirthing & performance enhancement.

All treatments durations and costs are outlined below.

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When someone with a phobia is exposed to their trigger then they experience a powerful chemical change in their brain and this causes the phobic response (panic attacks, nausea, fainting, sweating, shaking). We explain exactly what is happening in this reaction so our clients better understand why they feel they way they do, we then use innovative hypnosis techniques that allow the client to gently expose themselves to the trigger in a safe, calm environment which dampens these responses so they can confront the phobia without fear. We often see clients for treatments of common phobias such as arachnophobia (spiders), trypanophobia (needles) & aerophobia (flying), but the treatment is effective for any phobia no matter how unusual.

Fear of flying

This treatment comprises of 4 sessions: the Initial Consultation and 3 hypnosis sessions.

This treatment costs £150


This is one of the most common reasons that people will seek out hypnotherapy - it has been widely known for some time that it can be immensely effective at helping those who habitually use nicotine to give it up for good. The sessions are designed to help the client understand the physiological response our bodies have to nicotine and how we can override the craving signals by activating other areas of our brain responsible for rational thought. 

This comprises of two sessions the Initial Consultation and the Smoking Cessation Session itself.

Treatment price is £150


Giving birth can be the most wonderful experience a woman can have, it can also be the most scary! Your therapist can help by reducing your stress levels pre-labour so you are in the best mental place for your due-date. Hypnosis has been used for surgeries (including amputations and brain surgery) so it's no surprise that it is immensely effective at reducing pain during, and after, birth. It has even been linked to faster healing times and reduced risk of complications! You will be provided with recordings to listen to outside of session leading up to the birth and another to help you through the event itself. We also offer post-natal sessions for our existing hypnobirthing clients to help them stay on track as their world is turned upside down by the arrival of their little one.

This comprises of 4 sessions: the Initial Consultation & 3 Hypnosis sessions

This treatment costs £200 

This is an optional 2 sessions post-birth.

This treatment is £80


One of the lesser known uses of hypnosis is performance enhancement. It works incredibly well for both sports and performing arts as mentally rehearsing a skill has shown to be as effective as physically practicing it. It has been widely acclaimed as instrumental in the success of several notable sports professionals such as Golfer Tiger Woods and World Champion Boxer Glenn Catley. It can be used for a wide variety of tactical aspects of fighting sports and ball based sports. It can also be used for performing arts such as dancing or playing an instrument. It works through using intense visualisation of particular aspects the client wishes to improve on and allowing them to mentally rehearse and analyse the necessary actions.

This treatment varies in length depending on the desired goals.

Each session costs £50-100 depending on session length

Length of each session will be agreed prior.

Stop smoking
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